Tip 8 - House Hunting 101

Dated: April 7 2022

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Tip #8 - House Hunting 101

So, you have your Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval, you are ready to start house hunting! This stage will look a bit differently depending on how serious you are about buying. Either way, it is the fun part!


If you are gearing up to buy in the coming months, and are ready to start seriously looking at homes to buy, your Realtor will set you up on a personalized home search through the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). This search will provide the most accurate and reliable information available on the internet (compared to sites like Zillow or Truila), and can be narrowed down to showcase only the homes that would be very tailored toward what you are looking for.

During this time, your Realtor will also be researching and networking to find you the best options, so you get to sit back and enjoy the process. 

Just looking for fun at the moment?
Want to see what types of homes cost what?
Love looking through house photos for #designinspo?

You can search my site which is directly connected to the MLS for FREE! Simply click on Search All Listings at the top of this page or click here. You can create your own property searches, or just browse around the DFW area!

Regardless of what stage you are at in the home buying process, here are some things to be considering while house hunting:

- Location/region you want to be in
- Neighborhoods that promote the lifestyle & amenities you are wanting
- Access to grocery stores, shopping, entertainment, etc.
- Safe areas
- Check your local police crime report map, the National Sex Offender Registry, and any of these additional sites for more information on the safety of the area you’re looking in.
- School districts (even if you don't have children, being zoned for a highly rated school district helps with resale value)
- Inside the home - make sure the layout/floorplan is conducive to where you spend the most time, look for cracks or water stains in the seams of walls and ceilings
- Drive around the neighborhood of a potential property at dusk during the week to get a feel for what the community is like when people are home
- Or as an alternative, get on Google Maps and take a tour with street view to see what what is in and around the neighborhood

If you have any house hunting questions, let me know! In Tip #9 we will talk about What To Expect When Writing An Offer!

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